Rapa Nui´s Lady from Camelide Homeland 

 - Lady -

gew. 18.11.2021

On 18 November Lady saw the light of day in Italy. The breeder is the very experienced Diana Rembges. At this point I would like to thank Diana for her friendship and her trust in me.
Lady's mother is "Freya" who has won almost everything there is to win at international shows. Freya is not only a beauty but also a great representative of her breed because of her charming character.
Lady's sire is "Rapa Nui", who has already become a legend in his lifetime, and for me is one of the best sires worldwide.
Lady gives me a lot of pleasure, at her young age she is already very eager to work and learns incredibly fast. I am now preparing her very carefully for her show career and will present Lady to the international judges in July in Neuß and in August in Oldenburg in the youngest class.
There are many indications that she will combine the character and beauty traits of her parents.

I am very curious about Lady's further development.