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I breed under the seal of the FCI. My goal is to breed healthy Weimaraners with strong character, typical for the breed. I attach great importance to a species-appropriate nursery and good socialization.
I only give my puppies in the best of hands, because I love what I do and my dogs are very important to me. I definitely want to get to know the puppy buyers personally. Preferably before there is a litter. So you can get an idea of me as a breeder and my dogs.
When the puppies are born, you are welcome to visit them from the 5th week. You can rely on my recommendation to find the perfect matching puppy for you. I spend almost 24/7 with the pups and can identify their individual characters and needs.

THE nursery

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I am more than just a dog breeder. I am a life coach, forest-explorer, teammate on the lawn, and sometimes referee and totally in love with my Weimaraner. My dogs are my passion and so the puppies are raised in the house as a matter of course. Right from the start they have a close bond with people and get to know daily routine and the noises associated with this life.
Besides me the puppies get to know other adults and children who are familiar with me to become open minded and friendly characters.
In the garden, they have different floors, toys, and other kinds of distraction and challenges. With their innate curiosity, they learn to grow in a playful way with new challenges.
From the 5th week I encourage and use their great curiosity and gradually expand the puppy's radius of action and constantly confront them with new impressions. I make trips by car every day. So the little ones can explore different places, outside the house and the puppy garden. They can roam the forest, wade through small streams and walk through tall grass. They  also get to know horses, sheeps and other animals.
My puppies are not shaped for hunting.

Puppy request

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I am glad that you are interested in one of my puppies. Every future dog owner should think about a few important things before buying a puppy.
Take a moment and answer the following questions for yourself:
1. Is it allowed to keep a dog in my apartment / house?
2. Is my living situation and the surrounding area suitable for keeping a dog?
3. Do all family members agree to the purchase of a dog and do not suffer from a dog hair allergy?
4. Can I afford to own a dog financially?
5. Do I have enough time and am I fit enough to look after my dog ​​for the next 12-15 years?
6. Am I ready to plan my vacations so that I can take my dog ​​with me or that it is taken care of for that time?
7. Am I aware that a dog brings dirt into my house and am I ready to go for a walk, even in windy and rainy conditions?
8. Is there someone who can look after the dog in an emergency?
9. Can I organize my or my familie's daily routine so the dog doesn't have to be alone for too long?
10. Have I informed myself sufficiently about the breed and its needs?

I look forward to your inquiry. Click on the contact button and ask your questions.