Statement on the "blue Weimaraner"

The dog should look particularly noble, so it should preferably have an unusual coat color. The color blue is extremely popular, not only with the Weimaraner, but also with many other breeds.
How did this trend color come about?
The cause is the so-called dilute gene, it is responsible for the lightened color. However, the dilute gene not only influences the coat color, but also increases the risk of developing CDA (Color Dilution Alopecia). This manifests itself primarily through severe itching, skin eczema and loss of fur. Vets warn against it as it is a serious problem. Not every blue Weimaraner gets a CDA, but every dog ​​with a CDA has a special color.
The color BLUE is neither recognized by the German Weimaraner Club (WK), nor by the VDH or the FCI. The Gray Weimaraner naturally carries the dilute gene and is therefore healthy. For the reasons mentioned above, we do not mate with blue Weimarans and only breed with Weimarans that have FCI papers and thus the purity is traceable.