Is the Weimaraner suitable as a family dog?
I only breed with dogs from non-hunting breeds. Nevertheless a Weimaraners is a hunting dog. The hunting instinct is usually not that strong, but the recall is still one of the most important training elements. The so-called "man sharpness" is not present in my dogs. For this reason, my dogs are clearly family dogs, but also working dogs that have been bred for this for centuries. Weimaraners also need tasks within their families that they can pursue and work with their people in the process. The Weimaraner needs demanding tasks that require both concentration and intelligence. This can be mantrailing, dummy or retrieval work, tracking down tracks or pulling dog sports. Tasks that are fun for both the dog owner and the dog. But it can also be search games during their daily walk, which the Weimaraner performs with passion. If its nature is respected, the Weimaraner thanks it with devoted loyalty.