The Weimaraner is an elegant dog, which is not ennobled without reason as an aristocrat among dogs. However, if you want a Weimaraner as a prestige object by your side only because of its beauty, we strongly advise you not to buy a Weimaraner. 

What care does the Weimaraner need?
The silver-gray coat of the short-haired Weimaraner is very easy to care for. Paws, eyes, ears and teeth should of course be checked and cleaned regularly.
Proper nutrition is very important, but i cannot and will not give anyone direction. My dogs are barfed, but there are occasions when they get a high quality dry food.
What is the nature, temperament and character of a Weimaraner?
Weimaraners are intelligent and sensitive dogs with a strong personality.
They are characterized by quick perception and diligence as well as a serious, persistent and concentrated way of working. He is courageous, naturally alert and willing to overcome challenges. A clearly structured upbringing rewards the Weimarane with loyalty and much love. 

How to train a Weimaraner?
A lot of love, patience and consistency should be a prerequisite in any dog ​​training, but with the Weimaraner it is almost a must. He is extremely willing to learn and work and wants to please his human with his performance. A Weimaraner expects consistency, assertiveness and empathy from its owner. Please make sure that you do not focus the training solely on obedience and carrying out commands, because a loving and gentle treatment is what the Weimaraner needs most.

The Weimaraner is not necessarily a dog for "beginners". If you decide to get a Weimaraner, you should at least have already dealt with the specific characteristics and requirements for the management and keeping of this breed. A spacious living environment, love of nature, own agility and high empathy are of great advantage. Visiting a dog school can bring further input for a good understanding and basis. If you offer a Weimaraner an environment where he is respected, treated consistently but lovingly, and trained, you will have an inseparable friend at your side.